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How do I use Share Buttons with my website?
How do I use Share Buttons with my website?
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Creating share buttons is easy. Start by logging in and clicking the button labeled "Create A New Share Button."

Fill in the URL for the page you would like to share, and select a design template for your buttons.

Set up the share text you want to use
Type in the share text you want users to share for email, Facebook or Twitter -- we recommend clicking to add at least one other version, so you can optimize your share content with an A/B test. ShareProgress will try out the different versions with different users and report which version is most successful at bringing back visitors to your website.

ShareProgress Tip

Want to save time filling in share language? Click "Auto-Fill Share Content" link to auto-fill default share text from your page.

Set up your buttons and go!
ShareProgress will generate code for your buttons. Paste this into your webpage HTML to use share buttons on your site.

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