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How do I create a button with a counter?
How do I create a button with a counter?
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One type of button that we offer is buttons with counters. Counters visibly track the number of shares that your content has received, and are great for easily communicating to visitors if your content or campaign has been shared by lots of people.

Buttons with counters work in the same way as buttons without counters in terms of tracking shares and viral actions. The counters will begin tracking shares as soon as the first person shares your content!

To create a button with a counter, you’ll follow the same process as creating a standard share button.

Enter the URL that you’d like to share. Under “Select a Template for the Buttons” you’ll now see options for buttons with counters.

You’ll select whichever button with counter is applicable for your needs (horizontal share counter, email, Facebook, or Twitter), and enter your share text as usual.

After creating your share button with a counter, you’ll have the same options to add the button to a webpage.

You can then include your share button wherever you’d like! If you want to change the button’s appearance, you can do so by including your own CSS on the page where the button will be added.

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