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Integrate analytics with Salsa
Integrate analytics with Salsa
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If you already use Salsa's internal analytics, you may be interested in using ShareProgress to find out which supporters were brought in by ShareProgress sharing tools.

Using Salsa Tags

Although tracking codes are the most straight-forward way in Salsa to track your supporters action, they are very limited. You can only track one code at a time and most Salsa users decide to use tracking codes to associate users with a petition. Instead we recommend using Salsa tags to track users brought in by ShareProgress. You can use multiple tags per user and use them along side your tracking codes. Just add &tag=YOUR_CODE_HERE to your url.

ShareProgress can automatically add these these codes to every page you create.

Setting Up ShareProgress with Salsa Tags

First, visit your account settings page. Under Advanced Settings find the option labeled "Customize URL share source tracking parameters" and check that box.

Set the URL source parameter name to tag. You can also change the other parameters to match existing Salsa tags.

Once set up, this will create tags for any users who are referred through a ShareProgress action within your Salsa database.

Whether you take these steps or not, you can always still enjoy all of ShareProgress' analytics to find out how many people are being brought in from social sharing.

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